Spacemaster Wardrobes


What is a door panel?

This is the centre panel of the wardrobe door. It can be in wood grain or plain colour or mirror or coloured depending on the style of the wardrobe.

Example: The door panels on the NEW YORK range are Opera Walnut.

What is door trim?

This is the trim that goes around the door panel both at the sides of the door and at the top & bottom of the door. The door trim usually matches the door panel but a contrasting colour can be chosen if preferred.

Example: The door trim on the CATHEDRAL range is Swiss Pear.

What is a wall scriber?

A wall scriber is usually required where the doors of the wardrobe come up to the wall and an existing skirting board. The wall scriber fills in the space created by the skirting board.

Example: A wall scriber is shown on the NAPLES range, on the left side of the wardrobe in titanium.

What is an end panel?

A wardrobe might not stretch from wall to wall but might end part of the way across a room. An end panel would then be required. End panels usually match the colours of the doors.

Example: An end panel is shown on the NAPLES range in titanium.

What is floor plinth?

This is a small platform that can go underneath the bottom track and usually matches the scribers or end panel.

Example: A standard floor plinth (0.6 inches high) is shown on the NAPLES range in titanium. A box floor plinth (2.60 high) is shown on the NEW YORK range in Opera Walnut.